Canadian 535 W ~ 555 W Mono PERC

530 W ~ 555 W

CS6W- 530 | 535 | 540 | 545 | 550 | 555MS


  • Module power up to 555 W
    Module efficiency up to 21.5 %
  • Up to 4.5 % lower LCOE
    Up to 5.6 % lower system cost
  • Comprehensive LID / LeTID mitigation
    technology, up to 50% lower degradation
  • Compatible with mainstream trackers,
    cost effective product for utility power plant
  • Better shading tolerance

Canadian 535 W ~ 555 W Mono PERC

Canadian 535-watt solar panels are yet another powerful module for harnessing solar energy and converting it into electricity. The module boasts an impressive efficiency rate of 21.6% and a power capacity of 555 W. Using Canadian Mono PERC solar panels can reduce your overall system cost by 5.6%. These panels are cost-effective and well-suited for utility power plants, and they work seamlessly with mainstream trackers. The latest technology incorporated in the panels ensures reliability and minimizes the impact of micro cracks. Canadian Solar Mono PERC solar panels are designed to withstand heavy snow loads of up to 5400 pascal and wind loads of up to 2400 pascal. With all these advanced technologies and features, the 535-watt Canadian solar panel price in Pakistan is 59400.

Model: HiKu6 Mono PERC Module

Key Features:

  • 12 years enhanced product warranty on materials and workmanship
  • 30 years linear power output warranty
  • According to the applicable Canadian Solar Limited Warranty Statement

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